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Athma Social Welfare Trust is strongly committed to surviving and promoting poor people and orphans, women’s welfare development.

Athma Social Welfare Trust was started in 2011 by Prof.Dr.N.Vasudevan with group of Trustees part of Tirupur, Tamilnadu with the goal of empowering the poor people and orphans, women’s welfare development with a mission to better. The lives of Tamilnadu rag picking children, the non-for-profit Athma Social Welfare Trust works relentlessly to improve their nutrition, education, health and general self worth.

Trust Founder / Chairman

Prof.Dr.N.Vasudevan is an astute business man residing in Tirupur. Who has various business in the field of construction, Architecture, Interior, Exterior designer, Air conditioning work. He started his carrier as a supervisor turned and later started various business ventures.

He was actively involved in various social activities. He is the founder of Athma Social Welfare Trust, Tirupur.

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B.sc (I & D) D.T.Tech,

Chairman & Secretary

Mr. S.Santhosh Kumar

B.Arch,AIIA, Architect,



Ex-Service man,


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We started it as a small initiative through role book distribution in few schools and since then the encouragement received and trust showered on us by many of our well wishers, volunteers and increasing number of members are donors have helped in to extend our services to children orphan homes, old age homes, orphanages, adopting of children sponsorship for higher education, conducting regular medical camps in rural areas other than awareness program and note book distributions much more. A number of new initiatives are on the anvil for future years to come like having a mobile medical unit to work around the year.

The need for service is considerable, and we have already taken few steps to extend our helping hand in all possible ways.

Athma Social Welfare Trust is not only concentrates on services but also has taken lot of initiative to create awareness regarding the duties and importance of values in life amoung all age groups.

Our aim is to spread the message which helps us find peace and happiness within and around us.

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Athma Social Welfare Trust aims at economically helping out poor people and orphan childrens.
Acknowledging their struggles in an after uncaring world; appreciating their unique skills, and encouraging them towards a life of self-sufficiency. Athma Social Welfare Trust sees itself as a facilitator of change in these people pockets, priorizing education, healthcare and economic development. Athma Social Welfare Trust finds an opportunity in every challenge.

Athma Social Welfare Trust has stepped in, not to reinvent. The wheel, but to steer it in a new direction working towards capacity building. Athma has initiated “Organic Thottam” along with the rural people and farmers of Tamilnadu.

Not only does Athma equip the farmers with technical expertise it also help them to raise short-term loans to cultivate organic vegetables free from the vice-like grip of unscrupulous money holders. The farmers are beginning to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Their produce goes in the making of a variety of products-all-eco-friendly and economically priced. Athma Social Welfare Trust also makes and markets their products through “Athma Shops”.

Athma Social Welfare Trust does not receive any aid, we generate our own funds primarily through “Organic Thottam”, “Athma Shop” who are in need of our help, and we have joined hands with a group of professionals who have the same Target and commitment to serve the reselected farmers in this part of globe. These professionals are businessmen, empowered with business ideas, technical knowhow and a keen sense of responsibility and communication have joined as one family to serve the needy and suffering.

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